ICHNUSA office / LUISE showroom

ICHNUSA is a up and coming fashion brand producing trendy shoes, bags and accessories and this is their first own showroom to present their seasonal collections. As the brand presents prototypes of different categories, we designed randomly stacked boxes to frame each individual series.

The showroom has a strong graphical approach of black stripes, which overlay the space as well as the furniture. They also define positions of existing furniture and connect the space visually. We used this simple method to overcome the arbitrariness of the space. At the entrance it starts as formal gesture and it develops into a space characterising surface. Two on opposite sides installed mirrors complete the stripes to new geometric configurations.

The back office is separated by delicate white textile providing a subtle border to the showroom but allow for more daylight in the office area.

If the two meeting tables are standing together they work as part of the graphic stripes running over them. But they can be separated revealing a golden section cut, which relates also to the bronze showcases and the picture frame.